Zoetis adds vet engagement software through Virtual Recall purchase

15:00 PM | August 4, 2020 | Joseph Harvey

Zoetis has bought a UK-based business that specializes in helping veterinary practices improve their service offering and communication with pet owners.

Virtual Recall was established by veterinarians Jamie Crittall and Charlie Barton in 2011. The firm’s goal was to bring a simple and cost-effective way to communicate with clients to the veterinary sector.

The firm's iRecall system combines personalized messaging and updates with the ability to reorder medicines and book appointments. The automated technology taps into the need to strengthen the bond between veterinarians and their clients, to boost the former's top-line profits and improving animal health. The system is also designed to improve pet owner experience beyond the consulting room and reduce workloads in the clinic.

Virtual Recall currently operates in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Bali, a spokesperson for Zoetis told IHS Markit Animal Health.
”Zoetis aims at leveraging its geographical scale to expand the Virtual Recall solutions to other international markets,” the spokesperson added.

The need to bring digital technology to the veterinary clinic is something that has been emphasized during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Vets have been adopting solutions such as telemedicine to help keep their businesses going during lockdown and provide their clients with a safe way to receive information.

Jamie Brannan – Zoetis senior vice president for the UK, Ireland and the Nordics – stated: "This is an exciting opportunity for Zoetis to add a new solution for veterinarians with an innovative service that will support clinics in increasing their level of compliance, education and engagement at the pet owner level.

”As we expand our comprehensive offering across the continuum of care for veterinary clinics, Virtual Recall will enhance the level of pet owner services that can be offered to their pet owner customers in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

"Our studies have shown veterinary customers are keen to reduce administrative workload and find new ways to engage with pet owners. We believe Virtual Recall will achieve that, helping to educate and improve pet owner compliance and adding financial benefits to the veterinary practice."

Dr Crittall added: "As a company we've always been restless – constantly looking at new ways and developing new technologies in which we can drive animal healthcare compliance. Zoetis' thoroughly well-earned reputation for always putting their customers first – wanting them to thrive and be successful – combined with a commitment to enhance the lives of people and animals, is infectious."

This is Zoetis' fourth acquisition of 2020 and its second in the digital technology area, after it bought Performance Livestock Analytics in April. Its other deals were in fish health and diagnostics. The firm's acquisitions so far this year are all examples of how Zoetis is building a holistic animal health offering beyond traditional pharmaceuticals and vaccines.