Vinmar partners with Agilis on digitalization strategy

19:46 PM | August 5, 2020 | CW

Vinmar International, a global marketing and distribution company for petrochemicals and plastics, will partner with Agilis Chemicals to help execute its digitalization strategy. Agilis, which offers a cloud-based software solution to build branded portals for producers and distributors, will design, develop, and deploy digital solutions for Vinmar. 

“We work closely with our petrochemical suppliers to develop tailored business solutions and marketing programs that work for them," says Vishal Goradia, Vinmar senior vice president. "The partnership with Agilis will allow us to continue to execute on this commitment and to accelerate and drive our digitalization strategy.” 

The effort will allow Vinmar to streamline operations and increase efficiency while maintaining high data privacy and security standards. “Vinmar has a set of complex business challenges, and we are excited about working with them," says Jay Bhatia, Agilis founder and CEO. "The chemical distribution market is only at the beginning stages of a digital transformation journey."