Belaruskali resumes potash production at mines following unrest

15:03 PM | September 11, 2020 | Daniel Marshall

Unrest in Belarus continued into September following the presidential election in early August. The strike committee leader at Belaruskali was detained and sentenced to 15 days in jail on 1 September. In news coverage from the same day, a spokesman for the committee was quoted saying authorities ended the strike and production had resumed at all Belaruskali mines. At the same time, the company said earlier that it had been operating at full capacity from 20 August onward.

Workers of Belarusian Potash Company (BPC) wrote an open letter on 14 August addressing the protests that took place in Belarus following the presidential election. The letter read:
“We can’t remain indifferent to what is happening now. People must not suffer! Violence is never justified! We call for an immediate end to violence from security forces. We ask peaceful protesters to stay peaceful and to not allow any provocations. We sincerely love our country, we want to work for the good of our dear independent Belarus where people will feel safe. BPC Team”

Following the letter’s release, production interruptions were reported by Russian news agencies and Reuters on 17 August. Over 1,000 Belaruskali workers took part in demonstrations in the city of Soligorsk, where the company is based. There was no timeline or progress on negotiations offered in reporting on the strike as the work stoppage, like other protests in the country, centre on the results of the presidential election.