Granular MOP shipments out of Belarus reportedly unaffected by recent nationwide strikes

15:05 PM | November 6, 2020 | Daniel Marshall

Potash production at Belaruskali is unaffected by the ongoing political crisis with workers going on strikes, according to the company spokesperson. It is understood that muriate of potash (MOP) shipments from the company are not affected.

Belarus has been rocked by nationwide strikes starting 26 October, as protesters demand President Alexander Lukashenko step down after he ignored an ultimatum to surrender power by midnight.

Protesters have alleged that the election result on 9 August was rigged, sparking widespread protests across the country. According to local media reports, workers from fertilizer giant Belaruskali, as well as oil company Belarusneft among several others, have participated in the protests.

Production at Belaruskali mines were disrupted in August as workers staged protests over the alleged election fraud and police brutality.

Based on recent data, Belaruskali produces between 32,000 and 33,000 metric tons/day, meaning a complete outage for a week removes between 225,000–230,000 metric tons. Belarus also accounts for around 20% of traded MOP.