SK Innovation and Kolon Industries to jointly produce PBAT

06:56 AM | April 7, 2021 | Kartik Kohli

Kolon Industries (Seoul, South Korea) and SK Global Chemical, an affiliate of SK Innovation, have formed a partnership to produce polybutylene adipate terephthalate (PBAT) products within the third quarter of this year. The companies intend to complete the biodegradability certification of PBAT products, domestic and overseas patent applications, and prototype development by the first half of this year.

Kolon Industries has decided to share its PBAT production technology and facility operation. SK Innovation said that SK Global Chemical is the only domestic producer of feedstock of PBAT.

The companies plan to manufacture 50,000 metric tons/year of PBAT products by 2023, to respond to the growing demand for biodegradable products in the future.

SK Innovation mentioned that PBAT is evaluated as an effective alternative to solve the plastic waste problem as it can replace plastic products such as agricultural plastics, disposable bags, and fishing nets that are difficult to recycle, or waste plastics that cannot be recycled owing to contamination.

Regulations on the use of plastics are tightened in countries around the world, and the market for biodegradable plastic products is expected to expand exponentially, it added.