The 15th Annual Polyester & PET Chain World Congress

21:30 PM | July 13, 2010 | Crystal Jarvie

News Release

July 12, 2010, Zurich, Switzerland

The global Polyester & PET industries, with a current production capacity of around 59 mill tons/annum, have grown rapidly in recent years to become the second most important thermoplastic resin product family after Polyethylene.*
The 15th Annual Polyester/PET Chain World Congress (29 November – 1 December; Zurich) brings together industry leaders from Europe, Asia and the Americas to focus on the new technology, product and application directions needed to sustain growth and maintain profitability as markets recover from the effects of the financial crisis and the economic downturn.
PET demand growth has not kept pace with capacity increases and today the virgin product requirement is approximately 49 mill tons/a, made up of about 31 mill tons/a for fiber/yarn and 18 mill/a for packaging applications.
Additionally nearly 6 mill tons/a of reprocessed R-PET has been re-entering the global markets, although the availabilty of R-PET is now becoming constrained by the limited supply from post-consumer collection systems. *
Global markets, whilst maturing in recent years from high growth, premium priced specialities to now competing with commodity plastics, are further faced with low operating rates for PX, PTA and Polyesters. Rationalization and diversification have become inevitable, with larger plant capacities continually offering lower investment costs along the value chain. The paradigm shift towards Asian Polyester production continues, but often lack of back-integration is today a major challenge to both Western and Eastern producers.
The conference, organized by MBS Polymer, Chemical Week and SRI Consulting presents expert speakers, hard-hitting technical discussions and key business and market developments including:
  • Evolution of Polyester markets, supply/demand balances & pricing scenarios.
  • Regional markets, business environment and growth in Asia, Americas, Europe, Mid-East/Africa.
  • Forecasts on feedstocks and intermediates, PX-MEG-PTA-PET supply chain dynamics and outlook.
  • Updates on polymer process technologies.
  • Innovations in catalysts, additives, nano materials and polymer modifiers.
  • Trends in global textile markets and applications for synthetic fibres.
  • Recent advances in film, sheet & moulding, processing and applications.
  • Trends in the packaging needs of end users and brand owners.
  • Growth opportunities in packaging, fibre and engineering applications.
  • Packaging trends for drinks, water, beer, milk, juice.
  • New polymer developments in PTN, PEN & blends, PTT, PBT for high performance technical applications.
  • Impact of global regulations and regional approvals.
  • Environmental challenges and opportunities with bio-based materials.
  • Pioneering collection and recycling successes.
The two day Congress will be held again this year at the Zurich Swissotel in Oerlikon. Further details are available at
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