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Global Outlook

December 31/January 7, 2019

CW's annual outlook issue will present insight from industry leaders and IHS Markit to help you navigate the year ahead. The feature will dive in on several critical themes that will impact industry in the year ahead, including the state of the industry cycle, sustainability, trends in capital spending and M&A, and shifts in North American, European, Asian, and Mideast markets.


March 25/April 1, 2019

The feature will assess M&A and capital allocation strategies for chemical makers. M&A activity generally remains robust, but there is some evidence that this will change soon: interest rates are on the rise, and demand is softening in many places. Executives, investment bankers and analysts will provide insight on on the direction of chemical M&A in light of these new trends.


June 3/10, 2019
Engineering plastics

This feature will look at how well the North American trucking, rail, and ports are meeting the evolving needs of the petrochemical sector. Issues to be addressed include capital projects, capacity constraints, and price trends.

Distributed at:

  • 2019 ACC Annual Meeting - June 2019
  • 23rd Annual Asia LPG Seminar and Workshops - June 2019
  • PEPP 2019: 27th Annual Polyethylene-Polypropylene Chain Global Technology and Business Forum
    June 2019

Executive Compensation

June 16/24, 2019
Specials: Electronic chemicals

Analyzing the results of CW’s annual survey to 248 top executives in the chemical industry. After stalling in 2015, pay for the industry’s top executives jumped in 2016 as the stock market posted solid gains. So what were the trends in executive compensation in 2017?


July 15/22, 2019

This feature will look at trends for the industry in equity and debt markets, including valuations, access to capital and interest rates.

Billion Dollar Club

August 26/September 2, 2019
Specials: China

The issue will feature a ranking of the industry’s top companies by sales, as well as data by region, R&D spending and capital expenditures.

Distributed at:

  • Global Chlor-Alkali Conference and Workshop - September 2019
  • 10th China Petroleum and Chemical International Conference (CPCIC) - September 2019