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Chewy's annual results encapsulate pandemic trend of accelerated e-commerce

US-based online pet product retailer Chewy witnessed a 51% upturn in sales during its fourth quarter of 2020. For the three months ended January 31, the company again signaled the growing strength of e-commerce in the companion animal market under lockdown conditions, as revenues came to $2.04 billion. This is the first time Chewy’s quarterly sales have exceeded $2bn.

WWF urges collaborative effort on sustainability from animal health competitors

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) believes animal health companies need to set aside competitiveness to start partnering on sustainability issues. Jason Clay – WWF’s senior vice president of market transformation – said the COVID-19 pandemic is a dress rehearsal for the problems that will arise from climate change.

Animal Health Awards: A year of diagnostics, vaccines and a triple combo blockbuster

The winners in the latest Animal Health Awards showed ingenuity and growth in a year of restrictions and uncertainty. The victorious businesses include previous winners such as Zoetis, Merck Animal Health, Alivira Animal Health and Argenta, as well as new names such as Biotangents and Choong Ang Vaccine Laboratories. Rick DeLuca has also been commended for his leadership of Merck's animal health business.

Trendlines highlights investment rationale concerns for animal health start-ups

Later this month, the Animal Health Innovation Europe 2021 conference will provide a platform for the industry's leading start-ups. The event's innovation showcase is put together by a selection committee full of industry experts. Sarai Kemp of Israel-based Trendlines Group is one member of the committee. She spoke to IHS Markit's head of animal health Joseph Harvey about the firm's current approach to investment.

Microsoft: There is no single process that cannot be improved by data

Microsoft is becoming much more deeply involved in vertically specialized markets. Microsoft has dedicated an industry engineering team that is building out the Microsoft FarmBeats platform and agriculture-specific cloud offering, which is enabling agriculture and food organizations to build applications and analytics solutions.

Chinese companion animal market booms despite pandemic

The Chinese pet market saw sales reach CNY202 billion ($31 billion) in 2020, with the segment expected to grow 15% annually during the next five years. This sector includes pet food, veterinary medicines, toys and all products related to companion animals. China's pet health market is still in its infancy. However, it is now valued at more than CNY5.5bn. The country now has around 91 million domestic cats and dogs.

Review 2020: COVID-19 rips up animal health rule book and presents whole new landscape

2020 will always be remembered for the global struggle against COVID-19. While animal health was initially impacted by the pandemic and the consequences still reverberate, the sector has turned necessity into invention with 2020 becoming a new year zero for many growth trends. IHS Markit Animal Health editor Joseph Harvey looks at how the industry experienced reinvention and retained its future promise.

Podcast: Experts emphasize early-stage opportunities for animal health fundraising

The latest IHS Markit Animal Health podcast sees editor Joseph Harvey broach the world of start-up fundraising with two industry experts. In the podcast below, Julia Stephanus and Amanda Burkardt give various insights into the investment options available for animal health start-ups.

IDEXX: Animal health testing capabilities underestimated in fight against COVID-19

Veterinary diagnostic expertise could have been utilized more by local authorities to understand and combat the coronavirus pandemic, according to Serge Leterme – vice president of innovation, regulatory and public affairs for IDEXX Laboratories’ livestock, poultry and dairy division.

BioTraceIT commercializes monitor to visualize animal pain signals

Canadian business BioTraceIT has introduced a tool that enables veterinarians and researchers to objectively visualize animal pain in real time. The company has launched its PainTrace wearable device in the United States and Canada, with a field-based sales team./p>

Two markets collide: Animal health and nutrition are becoming one and the same

The role of animal nutrition, and in particular the use of feed additives, in animal health is stronger than ever. IHS Markit Animal Health correspondent Emmy Koeleman takes a closer look at the major companies that may now be considered leading players in an ever-expanding animal care sector.

NovoBind aims to bring nanobody drug concept to animal health

NovoBind Livestock Therapeutics believes the concept of nanobodies will start to overtake innovation based on traditional antibodies in the coming years. The Canadian start-up is developing nanobody-based biologics designed to neutralize key pathogens affecting poultry, shrimp and companion animals.

Podcast: How is better prevention of FMD being enabled?

Earlier this year, before COVID-19 restrictions were put in place, IHS Markit Animal Health editor Joseph Harvey travelled to the FAO headquarters in Rome to speak to different stakeholders about foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) prevention. The podcast below features insight from GALVmed, AgResults and several animal health companies.

ASF could cost China up to $120 billion, claims Asian Development Bank

China will lose $50-120 billion as a result of African swine fever (ASF) outbreaks and related culls, according to the Asian Development Bank (ADB). An additional $5-10bn could be lost in countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia – taking total losses in the Greater Mekong region to as much as $130bn.

Domestic animal health firms witness share price surge as China displays economic vigor

China Animal Husbandry Industry Company (CAHIC) saw it shares peak at around CNY20.50 ($3) each last month. The firm has been publicly listed since 1999. According to Bloomberg data, China's stock market value has hit a record high of more than $10 trillion on the back of the country's strong economic recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic.

WSAVA stresses no new evidence of COVID-19 transmission from pets

During a recent webinar hosted by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA), speakers highlighted animals that have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 have displayed only mild symptoms and there is no evidence of transmission from a companion animal to a new human.

First phase of Elanco's restructuring to cut over 900 positions

Elanco will eliminate around 9% of its workforce in the first wave of restructuring following its purchase of Bayer Animal Health. Around 900 positions will be cut across nearly 40 countries. While the reductions will primarily target sales and marketing, they will also impact R&D, manufacturing, quality, and back office support.

Technology is readily available to help animal health in its sustainability quest

All the tools and technologies needed to take animal health to the next level of sustainability are already available, according to several industry experts. There is a real sense of urgency across the livestock production industry to improve sustainability and animal welfare, says Jeroen Van De Ven – chief operating officer at Allflex Livestock Intelligence. Van De Ven suggested building consumer trust through technology will go some way to solving this issue.

Kings of convenience: Chewy and Petco highlight why e-commerce rules in 2020

The latest developments at Chewy and Petco have further underlined how important and increasingly competitive online retail has become in 2020. Chewy has issued extremely strong first-half results, whereas Petco is eyeing a sale or initial public offering (IPO) in 2021.

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