Artificial Intelligence Tool

An opportunity for advertisers who produce thought leadership content to personalize their message to's visitors, based on content they interact with.

Increase your conversion rates with AI

$15,000 / month

$30,000 / three months

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How it works

  • A profile is created for each digital customer to enhance its user experience and predict what content to offer next.
  • Companies will present the most relevant content, such as plastics, sustainability or logistics, to each user.

Key benefits

  • Our technology is able to predict what content you should put forward for maximum commercial return.
  • Automated workflow for advertisers that generate a lot of content so there’s no need to worry about what to promote next. (Minimum 3-month commitment)

Format & distribution

  • Up to 5 content pieces can be deployed at a time (Articles, videos, infographics).
  • Unlimited number of articles for advertisers with established blogs/content sites (minimum 3 month slots)
  • Delivery: (60,000 users a month)