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Chemical logistics:
Navigating successfully through a new normal

Learn from leading Logistics Industry Analyst, Adrian Gonzalez, and General Manager of Logistics from Elemica, Cindi Hane, on how the industry and multi-national clients are addressing mission-critical transportation and logistics challenges.

Digital Reliability: Real-time machinery diagnostics

Join Dynamics Scientific and Chemical Week to learn about the advantages of real-time, AI-enhanced equipment monitoring.

The Chemical Logistics Crisis

Join Argo Consulting and Chemical Week on Thursday, October 24th at 1:00 pm ET for a one-hour live webinar discussion and Q&A session to learn how to proactively tackle the challenges and build a comprehensive logistics excellence strategy.

What trade war means for the chemical industry

With the United States and China engaging in an escalating tit-for-tat around tariffs, some of which have already gone into effect, the opportunity to avoid a full-blown trade war with one of our country’s most important trading partners is shrinking by the minute.

Portfolio Strategy: Making the right moves at the right times

With chemical stocks highly valued, M&A getting more expensive, and investors pushing for portfolio clarity, it's more important than ever for chemical companies to have strong strategic vision and execution. But how can you be confident that your choices about strategy, growth and portfolio management are the right ones?

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