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Tariffs push new US PE production out of China, into Europe and SE Asia

The tariff war between the US and China has caused a clear shift in polyethylene (PE) trade patterns, with US volumes of high-density and linear-low density polyethylene (HDPE, LLDPE) redirected to markets outside China, and producers in the Middle East and Southeast Asia stepping in to fill the gap. 

US Gulf Coast ethane crackers build up head of steam

Lotte Chemical’s recently held official inauguration of an ethane cracker in the US is another milestone on the Gulf Coast’s journey toward an export-driven future.

New study shows widespread development, growing success of chemical recycling

High-profile partnerships and urgent demand have pushed a handful of chemical-recycling technology providers into the limelight, but many more are waiting in the wings, according to a new study from Closed Loop Partners, an investment firm focused on t he circular economy. 

GPS 2019 preview: Plastics market faces historic challenges, evolves sustainability strategies

The worldwide plastics market is facing “historic challenges” after a record period of growth, with headwinds developing that could substantially impact the market's future, according to Nick Vafiadis, IHS Markit vice president/plastics. 

EPS balance to improve on sharp decline in capacity growth

Global capacity to produce expandable polystyrene (EPS) far exceeds demand. Ten years ago, booming demand sparked a surge in new capacity investment, mainly in China, but the market failed to keep pace.

IdentiPlast 2019: Industry alliances tackle plastics in the environment

Several high-profile industry alliances have been launched in the last six months to tackle the increasingly urgent challenge of plastics in the environment, including marine litter.

Flood of new capacity darkens polycarbonate outlook

With demand slowing but supply set to surge, polycarbonate producers are looking at difficult years ahead, say analysts at IHS Markit.

China's cyclohexanone supply moving back toward balance

With demand slowing but supply set to surge, polycarbonate producers are looking at difficult years ahead, say analysts at IHS Markit.

Wanhua's Convent MDI project to stem growing US capacity shortfall

Wanhua Chemical's decision to proceed with a $ 1.25-billion, 400,000-metric tons/year methylene di-para-phenylene isocyanate (MDI) project at Convent, Louisiana, announced on 16 November, ensures that the company will maintain its status as the world's largest producer of the polyurethane feedstock.

US–Turkey standoff puts pressure on Turkey's resin imports, demand

The ongoing standoff between Turkey and the United States is likely to put further pressure on Turkey's resin imports and domestic demand, as well as on US polyethylene (PE) producers, IHS Markit says.

Supply constraints buoy MMA prices worldwide

Methyl methacrylate (MMA) prices are currently being boosted worldwide by tight supply.

China's crackdown on pollution is reshaping chlor-alkali and vinyls production

China's crackdown on pollution has already had important effects on the country's chemical industry, and it will be a key factor in future investments, says Eddie Kok, executive director/chlor-alkali & vinyls at IHS Markit.

China's plastic waste import ban could benefit ethylene producers

China's ban on imports of plastic waste could represent a major opportunity for the worldwide petrochemical industry, says Hassan Ahmed, analyst at Alembic Global Advisors (New York).

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Regional nylon-6,6 price trends | April 2019

Global shortages in adiponitrile and disruptions in hexamethylene diamine (HMDA) production have kept nylon-6,6 tight globally.


Plastics, Profits, and Purpose

Captains of the Petrochemical industry have taken proactive roles in the past year to solve the marine litter problem from within the industry.

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